Book a General Party!

A General Party includes admission and the traditional roller skates for your guests. We provide all the entertainment for your guests by doing games every 30 minutes on the skating floor. Inflatable Bounce House Fun available with upgrade. Guests can bring in their own inline skates, scooter, or rip stick or rent them from us. The Birthday Person will get to go into the Money Machine and will receive a prize. Small parties are guaranteed at least two party tables. Additional tables will be given for larger parties. You may bring in any food, refreshments and decorations that you like. Please no glow products, confetti or silly string, and chewing gum.

Ice Chest Policy

If you are putting drinks directly in ice to keep them cold please put the ice in a quality trash bag tied at the top to contain the water as the ice melts. Please do not place drinks directly in the loose ice. This keeps water from dripping off drinks and creating a drip trail along the floor as drinks are taken from the ice chest.

Decorations Policy

Balloons that are treated with HI Shine Spray or like products are not allowed. Please No Confetti of Any Kind, Glitter, Silly String, Glow Sticks/Neclaces, and Like Products. Please No Decor for Walls like Banners as No Tape is allowed on our walls. Please No Bubbles, Chewing Gum, and any Decor that is difficult to clean up or dispose of.

Admission Policy

We ask that all children and teens obtain an admission ticket to enter regardless of whether they will be skating. Parents and Grandparents are not required to have an admission ticket to enter and they are not counted towards your party totals if they are not participating in roller fun. Children 2 years old and under that will not be participating in roller or bounce house fun do not require an admission ticket to enter. Admission price includes facility fee and FREE traditional roller skates rental. Upgrade Options: Rollerblades $3, Scooters $5, Rip-Sticks $5, Inflatables Area $5, Skate Trainers $5. All upgrades require an admission ticket purchase. Skaters can bring in personal skates, scooters, hoverboards and rip sticks by submitting an admission ticket to the door person for each scooter, rip-stick, hoverboard or pair of skates being brought in. Only one scooter, rip-stick, hoverboard or pair of skates can be brought per ticket. In order to use multiple roller devices at a session please leave one in the car and exchange one for the other by informing the door person. Personal roller devices must be clean and free of dirt, mudd, rocks, and can't have any sharp or pertruding bolts or edges that can cutt, scrap or scratch.

Inflatable Area

Bounce Bands give children unlimited access to the inflatable area which includes the Galaxy Run obstable course, Blast Bounce Jump house and the Moon Walk Toddler Area. Party hosts can choose to cover bounce bands for their guests at a cost of $4 per band. Guests and the general public can purchase their own bands at $5 per band. Each child must have obtained an admission ticket prior to upgrade.

General Parties can take place anytime that we are regulary open. Times listed below.
Friday 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM $50.00 - Get 10 Free children/teens, $5.00 for each additional
Saturday 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM $50.00 - Get 10 Free children/teens, $5.00 for each additional
Saturday 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM $50.00 - Get 10 Free children/teens, $5.00 for each additional
(beginning January 9, 2022)
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
$50.00 - Get 10 Free children/teens, $5.00 for each additional

Birthday Party Instructions: You may arrive 15 minutes early to set up for your party. Friday and Saturday 7-10 session parties setup at 6:50. You may bring any food, drinks and decorations that you like. Please no glow products, confetti or silly string, and chewing gum. Please bring a list of all guests 19 years old and younger invited to your party. As your guest arrive their names will be checked off the list. Adults and children 2 years old and younger who will not be participating in roller or inflatable fun do not need to be included on the list. We will count only those that came to your party off your list. Skateworld does not accept checks or credit cards.

What can I expect during a public party session: As soon as you arrive to set up the front desk person will ask you for your list. If you do not have a list then the front desk person will begin one for you. All children and teenagers that are with you will be checked off and given their admission tickets. You will then be ready to begin your setup.

When the session starts and your guests begin to arrive they will be checked off your list by giving their name and the name of the birthday person.

Session games will begin 30 minutes to one hour after the start of the session and go on every thirty minutes. Each session game will range in time from 10 to 15 minutes. You may ask to have your party paged to the table at anytime.

You can take care of your party total in the front office once you think all of your guests have arrived. Party lists are totaled one hour before the end of the session.

Skateworld takes care of all the clean up!

To book your party please fill out the form below. For more than one Birthday Person simply add all first and last names in the fields in same order or type all the names in the comments. A skateworld representative will email you shortly to confirm your party information. Skateworld does it's best to accommodate last minute parties. If you have a last minute party reservation please submit your request or call us at 361-578-9725.

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Added Fun

Have a Cartoon Look-a-Like Character visit your party for only $75.00 per character. The 30 minute visit will be great for one on one picture opportunities for everyone in your party.